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t0nedeaf is a mp3 rotation site. Featuring music from as many different countries as it can possibly try to, but most likely Japanese and English language rock. In March of 2010, t0nedeaf became an open community for anyone to join and post their music. This was done to try and "reactivate" the community. :)

1.) Don't direct link these files. Upload the files there yourself!
2.) If you download, comment!
3.) Support the artists. Buy their album/single if you like their music. Check out amazon.com, yesasia.com, HMV Japan HMV UK, Tower Records, or your local music store!
4.) Delete all files after 24 hours or whatever... You won't, but someday the RIAA is gonna get you for it... Woooooo...

casanovas here, here are some community banners I've made to put on your info page as a link back to this journal. They're all up for free use, but all I ask is that you please save them and upload them to your own server. Enjoy!

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if you'd like your link added here, please send an email to allucinari[at]gmail[dot]com, and as long as it's a music lj, we'll add you. PLEASE include the LJ username. Otherwise I will not be able to add you and that would make me sad.

t0nedeaf was MLJotW at zhongwenmp3 for the week of 8-22-2005
we are teh s3xx0rs

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