Theme: April 2010 ~Celebration~

April 2010 Monthly Theme

April 2010's monthly theme will be Celebration. Songs with lyrics that are about celebrating something or songs that you use to celebrate events in your lives. :)

Upload all songs to this post only. When the next theme comes out, you may create your own post with music to this theme if you missed it.

Example Song:
Anyband - Promise U | Download

Enjoy! :)
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**Important Announcement #2**


+ t0nedeaf is now an open community, meaning anyone can post their favorite music. :)

+ We are also going to try and use the Tags system. When you post, please put the artist's name in the tags box. Please spell it right, too! =D

+ Monthly Themes will be starting next month. When the monthly themes start, remember to just comment with your songs to that post. The main post will have more info when it comes out.

+ Please refer to the following post examples for your posts:

Acceptable Posts Include...
Mp3s, Music Videos, Performances

Unacceptable Posts Include...

Also, please start promoting this community! =D
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Boondock Saints

***Community Announcement***

***Important Announcement***

Hello all! I apologize that this community is not as active as it used to be. I'd like to change that, but I'll need your help! :) Please continue reading to look over the changes that are coming.

+ Open Community
    I'd like to change the community so that anybody can post their favorite songs. I think this will be an excellent way to reestablish the community.

+ Monthly Themes
    I was thinking we could do a monthly theme (similar to other communities), such as love songs or sad songs. I'm not sure whether to do public polls for the members to vote on themes, or to pick randomly from my head. But a new theme will be posted each month for members to upload songs to the theme post that they believe fit in with the theme. The reason I want it to be in one big post as comments is so that I can archive it easier so anyone can access it at anytime in the future. :)

+ Tags/Memories
    I was also thinking of starting up a tags/memories thing. There is a limit on tags, but not on memories so I'm not sure which to do. The tags/memories could be artists, genres, etc.

In closing, I'd like everyone's input on what to do. I'm open to any ideas you guys may have, too. :)

Thanks guys!

-- Shi
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Boondock Saints

Best of 2009

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Summer fantasy

So its officially summer and you know what that means! no no, not beaches, barbecues and part time jobs. It means MORE TIME FOR VIDEO GAMES of course! and what better video game to slave away at then a final fantasy title huh? so these next 10 songs are my all time favorite tracks and will be divided into peaceful and epic categories.

1. Breezy (FFVIII)
I have to admit, FF8 didn't really sit too well with me. the story was too, "high school drama" for me, but dont get me wrong its an awesome game! unforgettable characters and a very unique setting make it all worth it regardless. This song always stuck with me because it was so relaxing  and just kind of makes me want to sit around and forget my troubles.

2. Crossing Those Hills
Another confession, never finished FF9. i played a little bit through the first disk but never brought myself to stick it out any further.. well summer is here so i guess i have that chance now =). anyways this song is an AMAZING overworld song. i used to just pause the game to listen to it because it carried me away even more so then breezy.

3. Eternity, Memory in Lightwaves (FFX-2)
yeah yeah i know say what you will about 10-2 i know i've heard it all before. but there is no denying that this song is beautifully done for someone who... well who isnt nomura haha.

4. Rikku's Theme (FFX)
Probably my favorite song on this list, it only appeared once in the entire game but i just love the way it sounds, its just so care-free and makes me want to go on vacation. nao.

5. Under The Apple Tree (Crisis Core FFVII)
Ugh i just got my hands on this one not too long ago. even though everyone knows what happened at the end, it didnt stop me from crying manly tears... heres to you, zack!


1. Demon Sword (FF Unlimited)
yeah im ashamed for watching this entire anime you dont have to tell me, but this song helped make the finale worth watching, honestly!

2. Fight With Seymore (FFX)
FF10 was the first one i had ever played so i was in awe from the soundtrack up until this fight with seymore. it was just so, different.. i was intrigued with this change in style and thought it might have been a remake from an older title but apparently it wasnt. anyways the song is great i like how it changes things up in the game.

3. Other World (FFX)
So as you can see i liked the music in 10 the most haha. last one i promise! so the opening theme and (pretty much) final battle theme. during the opening scene this fit the mood perfectly and from that moment i was sucked into Final Fantasy fandom. hearing it again at the end of the game as a boss theme made that battle so much more satisfying too x)

4. Grand Cross (FFIX) [Black Mages]
at first i didnt really like the black mages but their boss battle re-makes are truely amazing! as i said before i havent completed this one yet but if this song is any indication of how hectic the game gets im definitely in!

5.Dancing Mad (FFVI) [Black Mages]
ok i saved the best for last here! a lot of people actually enjoyed 6 more then ANY other FF, personally 7 was mine, but i'll admit.. this song is the most epic song in any FF hands down! (yes even more then one winged angel, well.. maybe not the advent children version ) i know any fan will love this epic 12 minute battle theme. enjoy =)

P.S. if you guys want certain songs i can add them later in comments if i have them

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